About Us

WuWei JinCang Bioscience Co., LTD (WWJC) Belongs to Jinma Group, was founded in 2016, which is a combined in developing and manufacturing high-efficiency green plant protection products, new type fertilizers and additives, intermediates of pharmaceutical, LED, OLED and other high-end fine chemicals. WWJC covers an area of 35000m2 and total investment is at least 0.3 billion RMB. The capacity of each product will be at the top of manufactures. The turnover will reach 1.3 billion RMB after all projects accomplished.

WWJC’s main products include high-efficiency fertilizer synergist (NBPT, NPPT, DMPP and DMP), OLED intermediate (3HHK), Pharmaceutical intermediates (CJM-34, FMPISO, F09-01) and etc. Depend on high quality customer services, high-efficiency production system, advanced management methods, our products have become very popular in both domestic and foreign market such as: North America, Europe, South America, Japan and Korea. We have built a strong partnership with World Top 500 chemical and fertilizer companies.

Product Center

NBPT is developed by the IMC of the U.S. (later merged with Cargill of the United States to establish U.S. Mason, currently the world's largest fertilizer manufacturer) at present, which is the most advanced, the best, the most widely applied and cost-effective urease inhibitor in the world. Currently used in the United States, Brazil, Germany and other countries, the half-life of 7-8 days after entering the soil will not affect the next crop. Final catabolite is mainly ammonium, sulfate radical, phosphate radical etc., which has no adverse effects on soil, microorganisms, humans, animals and water. It has been tested by the US Food and Safety Administration (FDA).

DMPP (3,4- dimethylpyrazole phosphate):

A nitrification inhibitor that is efficient, safe, nontoxic, and it is also environmental and less cost in the world. The effective period of ammonium nitrogen fertilizer can be extended from 25 days to more than 50 days, and the utilization rate can be increased from 30% to more than 40%.